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19 February 2019
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Lloyd's List presents award to "HELMEPA Junior"

On Friday 2 December, the Lloyd's List Greek Shipping Awards presented to the children's environmental program titled “HELMEPA Junior” the "Achievement in Safety or Environmental Protection" award.

In essence, the award was given to 92,000 young pupils and 3,400 Teachers throughout Greece, who have participated voluntarily in the Program, from 1993 to date. The kids carried out environmental activities on a voluntary basis and continue to do so, learning a lot about the environment and the threats it faces due to human indifference, providing at the same time an example of environmental sensitization to their local communities.

The award was received by the Chairman of HELMEPA, Dr. George Gratsos, the Chairperson of the Program’s Board of Representatives, Olympia Zisi, 12 years old, from Thessaloniki and the Secretary, Constantinos Kolovos, 13 years old, from Athens.

Thanking Lloyd's List for the award, Olympia Zisi promised that the children-members of “HELMEPA Junior” will “continue protecting the seas and beaches of our country with the same enthusiasm”. Constantinos Kolovos urged the members of the Greek shipping community present to continue supporting “HELMEPA Junior”, thus enabling the kids to create a brighter future.

Dr. Gratsos also thanked Lloyd's List and stated “I am proud to be part of HELMEPA for many years, an association which right from the beginning focused its attention on young people, seafarers and children, with the conviction that education is the prime medium for respecting and protecting the environment”.

Congratulations, therefore, to the contributors of HELMEPA Junior's success, children, parents, teachers, sponsors and staff of HELMEPA's Secretariat with the hope that these efforts will sensitize all of us towards protecting the valuable natural resource seas and beaches constitute for our country.









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