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20 August 2017
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The HELMEPA - Lloyd’s Register Foundation Campaign opens in Sparta

HELMEPA’s Exhibition titled “Marine Environment, Shipping and Sciences”, was launched on Tuesday 25 April at Sparta. It is hosted at the headquarters of the Regional Authority of Lakonia and will remain open until 9 May.

The Exhibition is part of the “Educational Community and Public Awareness Campaign on the Marine Environment, Shipping and Sciences” carried out by HELMEPA across 14 Greek towns and islands with the support of Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF)*. In Sparta, the Campaign is carried out under the auspices of the Regional Authority of Lakonia/ Region of Peloponnese.

The Prefect of Lakonia, Mrs. A. Tzanetea, the Vice-Mayor of Sparta, Mr. P. Argyropoulos, the Directors and School Activities Coordinators of Primary and Secondary Education of Lakonia, representatives of local stakeholders, teachers and students from the 3rd Primary School of Sparta honoured the event with their presence.

The Prefect of Lakonia warmly welcomed HELMEPA to Sparta and stressed the importance of raising environmental awareness among students through information and education so they are able, as the citizens of tomorrow, to protect the environment.

Following, the Vice-Mayor of Sparta spoke about the value of this initiative for Sparta and made reference to the Municipality's actions on cleanliness and recycling. Closing, he said that children should be more aware than adults so that when the time comes, they will deliver the environment to the next generations in a better state than it is today.

The Coordinator of School Activities for Primary Education, Mrs E. Lambrinou, also thanked HELMEPA and the Regional Authority of Lakonia for its prompt response to the request to host the Exhibition. Referring to the significance of environmental education, she expressed her wish that every child visiting the Exhibition will learn something valuable, so that they “can improve the environment in their own small world”.

During an intervention, the Director of the 3rd Primary School of Sparta, Mr. N. Koufos, said that he is very pleased to see the “Seagull” of HELMEPA in Sparta and highlighted that Greeks, as a nation with ancient naval tradition, are the first to be responsible for the protection of the marine environment.

In cooperation with the Education Directorates of Lakonia, HELMEPA will transport to the Exhibition, on the Campaign’s expenses, approximately 1,000 pupils of local Primary and High Schools. The exhibition will remain open daily for schools from 09.00 to 13.00 and for the public until 15.00.

Also, a ‘train-the-trainer’ Seminar for Teachers titled “The marine environment and us: ensuring a sustainable future” is scheduled to take place, as well as other voluntary actions in cooperation with the Education Directorates of Lakonia and local stakeholders.

The students’ enthusiasm and the positive comments made by teachers during the first visits to the Exhibition are an optimistic message for the start of a new collaboration between HELMEPA and the educational community of Laconia.

* Note to the Editors:

Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF) helps to protect life and property by supporting engineering-related education, public engagement and the application of research.