Helmepa Cadets
31 March 2023
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HELMEPA Cadets: 

  • Form an integral part of the network of HELMEPA volunteers throughout Greece, participating in actions such as voluntary beach cleanups, awareness campaigns for Clean Seas and Beaches, etc.
  • Serve as local coordinators of the International Coastal Cleanup Day, seeking the cooperation of competent bodies such as Port Authorities, Municipalities, productive bodies, clubs and associations, etc.
  • Are informed, by means of this website and the monthly electronic newsletter (e-bulletin) sent to them, on contemporary environmental issues as well as activities, technological developments and sciences relating to the sustainable use and protection of seas and coasts.
  • Support and promote the operation of the HELMEPA Junior Program in local schools.
  • Communicate with other young people in countries with similar to HELMEPA associations (MEPAs) to discover ways for joint action.
  • Participate in international conferences and other youth activities in various parts of the world and submit to HELMEPA suggestions for the organization of similar conferences and activities in Greece, where their participation is considered a must!
  • Communicate with ships and seafarers – members of HELMEPA, provided there are practically applicable means of communication, either by onboard visits or via webcam, in order to see the actual conditions and ways of a ship’s operation, and realize the special connection between shipping and the marine environment.
  • Have the opportunity to apply for scholarships offered annually by HELMEPA for one-year postgraduate studies on Shipping and/or the Environment in Greece and abroad, in memory of the late Chairmen, George P. Livanos and Captain Vassilis C. Constantakopoulos, and following to put this knowledge into practice by working for HELMEPA.