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05 July 2020
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HELMEPA congratulates the Oceanos NTUA research team

Successful was the participation of the students of the Oceanos NTUA research program in the international “Hydrocontest”, held on 13 September, 2018, in Saint Tropez, France.

Specifically, among 32 ships that took part in the race, the 2 energy efficient ship models designed by students of the Laboratory of Aerodynamic Naval Engineering of the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), finished 5th in the lightweight category, 13th in the heavyweight category and 11th in the long distance race.

As a sponsor of the “Oceanos-NTUA” team, HELMEPA wholeheartedly congratulates the students and their supervising teachers for their performance in the contest, which fills us with hope for the future of scientific research in Greece.


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