Helmepa Cadets
09 June 2023
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Happy autumn and a big "thank you" to the Media that support us

With the beginning of autumn, we would like to express our warmest gratitude to all the print and electronic media that promoted gratis HELMEPA's Clean Seas and Beaches messages during the summer months. Newspapers and magazines of maritime, economic, touristic and general interest as well as many websites throughout the country covered our news, urged our fellow citizens to reduce their environmental footprint and hosted the "HELMEPA Seagull" with its timeless and - unfortunately - relevant message. In addition, television channels have widely promoted our spot as a social message.

While we are planning our new activities in both fields of maritime training and environmental awareness of young and old, we look forward to continuing our cooperation with all Media, aiming to motivate everyone towards protecting our natural wealth as well as enhancing the safety spirit within the wider maritime community.

We wish you all endurance, caution, optimism and creativity!